Teton Valley Aquatics

There has been momentum behind the need for a competitive, rehabilitative, and family recreation pool in Teton Valley, Idaho, for many years. In 2016, after repeated recreation and community surveys consistently placed desire for an indoor pool as their top priority, the City of Driggs initiated an effort to bring this to fruition, to the benefit of the entire greater Teton Valley region. Current aquatic centers are located >45 minutes away from most/all residents, and are becoming outdated and unable to keep up with population growth in our community. Teton Valley Aquatics was born of this vision and need, and nurtured by individuals who are passionate about community health, wellness, safety and recreation. While all of Teton Valley can attest that this Aquatic Center is necessary, it will take hard work, dedication, and significant fundraising efforts, to make this a reality.

Timeline to Aquatic Center

May 2016

Started TVA non-profit process
Engaged USA Swimming for research and Enterprise Plan
Established community steering committee

December 2016

Launched website and community survey

February 2017

Closed survey

DID YOUR KNOW? Over 1,000 completed surveys, representing over 3400 members of the Teton Valley community!

Continued feasibility research
Conducted stakeholder meeting

March-April 2017

Conduct community outreach and meetings/events to go over Enterprise Plan results (what pool USA swimming thinks we need if money is no object)
Survey results (what the community thinks we need if money is no object)

April 2017

Conducted a philanthropic feasibility study to determine capacity of private philanthropic donations towards our goal

Summer 2017

Continue researching comparison pools
Budget comparisons
Tin Cup Challenge
More facility and budget comparison
TVA receives federal 501(c)3 status

Fall 2017

Hire executive director and begin to implement strategic plan based on recommendations from philanthropic feasibility study.

Winter 2017

Begin to implement learn to swim programming for Teton Valley residents.

January-March 2018

Engage facility feasibly study for specific build and maintenance cost for overall project, as well as stepping stone projects.
Contract a design build study for initial plans/drawings of stepping stone projects

December 31, 2021...or sooner

Target Opening Date of Aquatic Facilities

Stay tuned for more information or CLICK HERE to donate and support our efforts!