Current TVA-sponsored programming

Swim The Tetons

Our recent community survey found that one third of households in Teton Valley included a non-swimmer. We want to change that. We want everyone in Teton Vally to know how to swim, and to have access to aquatic facilities. While we are hard at work to raise funds to make an aquatic facility in Teton Valley a reality, these programs will provide immediate, fun, aquatic recreation opportunities, improve water safety and skills and save lives!

Winter Sports Sponsorship

TVA is proud to be working towards sponsoring the winter sports swimming program for Tetonia Elementary School this winter! By covering participation fees, and in some cases, providing swim suits and towels to children in need, we are bringing access to swim lessons to many children who could not otherwise afford it!

Teton Valley Swims at the Jackson Rec Center

The Jackson Rec Center has been an incredible source of guidance to us during our journey. They are willing to partner with TVA to open early, from 1030am-noon, on Saturdays, to allow Teton Valley, Idaho residents lap pool time, swim lessons, and leisure pool time! Keep in tune with social media for program dates and times!

We hope to expand the program in early 2018 to potentially include lessons. Check back with us regularly for more details.

Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor Training Scholarships

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you interested in being a part of the effort to bring an aquatic center to Teton Valley, and to save lives? Teton Valley Aquatics is thrilled to announce scholarships for lifeguard and water safety instructor certifications. Interested individuals should contact us at, for more information on class dates. If you are selected, TVA will pay for your certification, in exchange for a certain number of volunteer hours as a lifeguard or water safety instructor (swim instructor) for our organization.

Decision Point Markers

A collaborative effort to improve assessment of aquatic ability level, environmental concerns, and PFD access at local areas for aquatic recreation. Brought on by members of our committee and Board, after being involved in rescues of individuals who were actively drowning in the Teton River during the summer of 2017. More information coming soon.